Time to Focus on Your Study Abroad

As summer wanes all High School Seniors in the US have three important issues to grapple with.

As summer wanes all High School Seniors in the US have three important issues to grapple with.

1. Keep improving their academic achievements to show upward moving trends.
2. Finding Colleges/Universities to apply to, visiting colleges, as well as writing college essays.
3. Partying and celebrating life as much as possible.

While you may or may not have followed a US curriculum during your High School Career, but instead have done your O-or A-levels, nevertheless, if you are interested to attend a University or a College in the United States, this is the time to consider applying!

First, you might want to think about where you would like to live in the United States? What location or climate preference? Would you rather be in temperate zones, or are you ‘gang ho’ into tropical climes? Do you prefer your weather warm and hot, or do you want it temperate, mild summers and cold winters, with possible skiing opportunities? Would you like to be in a city environment (UCLA), in a suburban space (Miami University of Ohio in Oxford), or do you prefer a rural setting (Cornell)? What Type of School would you like to attend, ¬†public or private? And do you prefer a small college (2000 students), a medium (2000-10000), large (10000-15000), or very large school (25000) like Ohio State? You might want to consider what learning environment you do best in! Are you comfortable in large classes, or smaller groups where the average teacher to student ratio is 8-10? Some basic classes are on average somewhat larger, but depending on your focus and area of study they might be smaller, even in the biggest schools.

As you are considering your College Application, another important question is: “Have you kept up with your latest tests?” Are you aware of the special Application requirements? In addition to your grades, and transcripts, your test scores are an important factor, when applying. Therefore, in addition to your High School GPA (Grade Point Average), you will need a Verbal and Math SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), and some colleges require an ACT (SAT type test) as well, all of which cost between $ 31-45 per test.

In addition to the grades, transcripts, and test scores, you will also need to fill out an application to the University or College in question, in the process of which you will be required to answer several ‘Essay Questions’, depending on your school of choice. ¬†Each school has different ‘Essay-Tasks’ to be completed. Most likely, you will be applying to different schools, as few as 2-4, or as many as 8-10, depending on your stamina, endurance and proclivity, as much as your moneybag! Each application cost on average $35-50, with the elite colleges requiring a whopping $77. So, think and research carefully. Typically, you will need to identify at least one ‘safe’ school and one ‘stretch school’. As an incoming student you will also have to pass TOEFFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).

In the meantime, hone in on your preferred area of study, research your favorite schools, retake that last SAT again, if needed?

If you feel unsure, need direction, and someone to talk to, if you are in need of a comparative analysis of ideated schools, LET’S TALK, WE CAN HELP?!

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