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Many students from International countries want to study abroad. Attending a college or university in the US is one of the best educational investments you can make. All our counselors have in depth experience with international students and many of them have made this journey themselves. You can benefit greatly from their own personal experience.

In order to be admitted to a top school in the US, you must meet all the admission criteria. This is not different from what students from the US also have to do. Remember, the word, “school” in the US refers to any educational institution and it includes colleges and universities. For a student to be accepted to a selective or a most selective school, the requirements are higher and the competition to be accepted is much tougher. However, if you are at the top of your class and have very strong academic credentials from stretching courses, you may be able to get into some of the top schools in the country. The sooner you start this process the better will be your chances of success. In general, you will need 12 years of schooling, without including pre-school or kindergarten, in order to have sufficient educational background for college admittance. In the US, students, finish their Senior year (12th grade) of classes and then move on to college. In some Asian countries, you will need to finish your Higher Secondary School Certificate or your A Level Cambridge exams. It is possible to get some advanced standing in college if you have taken and done well in college level courses taken in high school.

International students have a few additional requirements that US students do not face.

  • TOEFL or IELTS scores to demonstrate proficiency in English language.
  • Visa to enter the US to study

Remember, getting admission to a US school is only the first step but you also need to meet all the requirements to qualify for a US student visa. All admitted students do not automatically receive the visa and you must prepare to conduct a successful in person visa interview with a US Visa officer.

Prepare early and give yourself plenty of time to work through any setbacks.