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The dream of finishing high school and then getting accepted to a college or university of your choice is cherished by all students who want to pursue further education.  The journey from finishing high school and starting an exciting and rewarding college life can be very daunting for man students. Without expert help and guidance, many students face difficulty and may fail to get accepted on time to a college of their choice. For some, it can also result in turning in an incomplete or sub standard college application.

How Can We Help You Get Admitted To A Good US College Of Your Choice? The US is blessed with thousands of solid academic institutions. There are two year colleges, four year Bachelors’ degree programs and, of course, numerous excellent graduate schools. We work closely with you to sort through the many options and focus on a select group of schools for you. This takes into account your academic interest and academic record, your interest in extra curricular activities and sports, your preference between public or private school, your preference of geographic location, small, medium or large student body population and your financial situation to fund your education.

We provide you with one on one consultation to help you get into the best college of your choice. We do this via face to face meetings, via Skype, Face Time or when necessary by telephone. Our comprehensive program will help you with your college selection process, provide review and input to your application, provide input and critique to your essays and lead you through your actual submission of the application to the school of your choice. For a few of $2000.00 we can assist you with up to  2 college applications. Additional block time of 2 or 4 hours of consultation can also be purchased and arranged. Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

Our services include the following:

  • Advice and Guidance With Your College Selection Process based on your preference of school size, location, study focus area and cost
  • Selection of University and College that meet your educational needs
  • Help you with input and guidance in completing your college application
  • Review of your completed application
  • Review of your required college essays

Post acceptance to your college we can:

  • Provide assistance with your housing needs, especially for international students.

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