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It is a Decision that will impact the rest of your Life

We are here to ensure you are setup for Success

College Education is an invaluable asset for your future

Education is the greatest gift you can give yourself

Read voraciously and increase your knowledge

Attend College Fairs and Ask Probing Questions

  • Initial Consultation (1 Hour): Available to all students and parents. This preliminary discussion will include a review of the student’s interests and educational and personal goals. Strategies and college option plans will be discussed and a recommended path will be laid out for the student and parents to follow.
  • 2 Hours of Introductory Counseling Package for Juniors: Includes review of educational and personal goals, review of high school academic standing and grades, feedback on standardized tests results and recommendation for improvement, introduction to college application process, preliminary discussion on academic interest and colleges that may be of interest. Develop a strategy and timetable for having all necessary documentation, test results, essays, and recommendation letters to be available by senior year application filing date.
  • 2 Hours of Introductory Counseling package for Seniors: Advice on college selection process, help with choosing a college that may be a good fit, researching college options, narrowing down choices and developing a time table for having all documentations ready for filing application on time.
  • Comprehensive College Counseling Package (6 Hours): Includes Senior package, review of college essays, personal statement and resume. Help with filing one complete college application.
  • Counseling of students post college acceptance: Advice and guidance on selection of college if accepted to 2 or more colleges, developing time table of activities and commitments required prior to starting college.
  • Counseling for International students already accepted to college: Help with college selection if accepted to more than one, advice on procuring F-1 student visa and US visa interview, advice and guidance on securing student housing, and final do’s and dont’s on their travel to the US.