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Mohammed Aziz
CEO and Founder

Admissions Counselor

About Mohammed

Cambridge College Consultants is headed by Mr. Mohammed Aziz, Chair of the Greater Cincinnati Tufts University Alumni Admissions Program. Mr. Aziz holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Tulsa and Tufts University, respectively. He has been advising students for admission to colleges for almost four decades. He is a tenured public school teacher from Massachusetts with in-depth knowledge of placing students in select colleges of their dream. He also has extensive corporate experience as an executive for Procter and Gamble Company. He has lived and worked in the US, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Indonesia and Bangladesh. He has traveled all over the world and is very familiar with the needs of international students.

Najma Rizvi, PhD

Admissions Counselor

About Najma

Graduate, Undergraduate and Community College Admissions Specialist.

Najma Rizvi, a professor of anthropology and global studies has extensive teaching and research experience in colleges and universities of the U.S.,Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, she came to the U.S.on a Fulbright grant to do graduate work. She was awarded a graduate fellowship at the University of Florida to pursue her Masters in geography. After completing her Masters in geography, she returned to Bangladesh where she taught for three years and came back to the U.S. to do further graduate studies. Najma obtained her second Masters degree in anthropology from University of Denver, Colorado and her Ph.D in anthropology with a minor in Public Health from University of California, Los Angeles. Following the completion of her Ph.D, she was awarded a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Asian-American Center, University of California, Los Angeles.

Najma worked as a research anthropologist at the International Diarrheal Disease Research Institute (ICDDR,B), UNICEF, Helen Keller International, Bangladesh and International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington D.C. Her research has dealt with isuues concerning anthropology of food and nutrition, hunger and malnutrition, maternal and child health and nutrition and household decision making and women’s role, food beliefs and Vitamin A Deficiency. She held a research position in the department of Pediatrics and also taught in the department of anthropology at the University of Iowa. Najma has presented research papers in many International and national seminars and conferences. Her publications include chapters in books and articles in academic journals.

Najma has designed and taught a wide range of courses which has included cultural anthropology, anthropology of food and nutrition, world hunger, world migration, introduction to global studies and Asian Americans. Her courses have attracted students from diverse nationalities, ethnic groups and socio-economic backgrounds. During the course of her teaching career, she has been both an academic advisor and mentor to her students. Growing up in Bangladesh, and coming to the U.S. as an international student,and with her cross-cultural educational and work experience, she is sensitive to cultural norms, expectations and needs of international students.

Maniza Johnson, PhD

Admissions Counselor

About Maniza

Specialist in Undergraduate Admissions, Curriculum Development, Advisor For Diversity Students And Selection of Appropriate Majors to Pursue.

Maniza Johnson has a PhD in Business Education and Administration with concentrations in Marketing, Management and Computer Applications from the University of North Dakota. She also has two Masters degrees from international universities: one in Geography and the other in Education with a concentration in Business Education. Dr. Johnson has extensive experience in curriculum development with special emphasis on grant writing, student advising and research. She has also provided a broad spectrum of education and technical classes to both undergraduate and graduate students at Georgia State University, Portland Community College, Montana State University and Jackson State University, among others. In addition, she has extensive experience in developing academic and student success and retention programs. And too, Dr. Johnson is widely known for her research and opinion articles as well as her work with national and international undergraduate students centering on student admissions, financial aid and the facilitation of student scholarship acquisition.

Joseph Johnson, PhD

Admissions Counselor

About Joseph

Graduate and Undergraduate Student Enrollment Advisor.
Joseph C. Johnson is a graduate of West Virginia University with bachelor and master’s degrees in education and educational administration and the University of Virginia with a doctorate in curriculum and instruction. In addition, he completed postdoctoral study in school law at Duke University. Dr. Johnson has served as a professor and administrator in a number of universities including Duke University, Montana State University, the University of Connecticut and Columbus State University, among others. He has authored a professional book, monographs and over one hundred publications in refereed journals. And too, he has extensive experience as an institutional and program director, manager, dean, professor, teacher, trainer, tutor and student advisor acquired over the last thirty years in the areas of instructional program and staff development, personnel supervision, fiscal and facility management and program evaluation.

Nahid A. Rizvi, MA

International Counselor for Students on TOEFL and English as Second Language

About Nahid

Nahid Rizvi received her Bachelors in Middle Eastern Studies from UCLA and her Masters in TESOL from California State University, Los Angeles. She has over ten years experience teaching English to international students at the college level. She is a member of the Educational Testing Services Center and an official TOEFL rater. Born and raised in the United States, Ms. Rizvi has advised and mentored students at UCLA, USC and at community colleges in the Southern California area. She is an active member of TESOL international association, as well as its affiliate, California TESOL.

Susanne Aziz

Administrator & Blogger in Chief

About Susanne

Susanne holds a Bachelor of Arts, Summa cum Laude, in History from the University of Cincinnati. Having had plenty of international experiences, and having lived all over the world, (Europe, Asia, and the United States), she is able to communicate to prospective students in an understanding and efficient manner. Besides minding our administrative desk, she is working in close relationship with prospective students and their families, providing information and helping them identify how we can best help to create their student’s personal success story. She researches to help and find the best program options and Universities for the students, helps them stay on track, and periodically checks in on them to make their experience smooth, and enjoyable.